About me

Hello Beautiful Soul  Dancer,

welcome to my website, let me tell you a little bit about myself :

Born in the great city Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and after some awesome D- tours I found my place in  Spain,

The dutch climate (to wet and cold) and the empty nest made me choose in 2007 to live in there.

Here I found the love of my life and the inner peace to reconnect to my higher self

I speak Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

tho I still move a lot around Southern Spain, this is where I am at my best, and live the life I love, doing the things I love to to most.

Dancing and music where ever since i can remember a huge part of my life. As a young child I started dancing, and I was very lucky to be able to pursue my dreams and follow my talent.

I have been given the privilege to have been studying with some of the best teachers of my time, and to me music and dance ( and creative arts) were my tools to express the emotions that I felt.

Like many others  I have had my ups and downs in life, from childhood problems, to wrong relationships, bad choices, happy moments, down moments, but as soon as my body moved to the music i could transform my emotions and let them flow freely.  I as many say can write my book, and maybe I will do so one day,

One of the most down moments was that I was given notice that, due to an illness (rheumatoid arthritis ),  I could not be able to enjoy a full professional dance career like i had planned, without damaging my body way to much and become to depend on a wheelchair way to young, and it left me with not much of a choice then to choose another career.

I chose to become a nurse and that awoke the healer in me but also the scientist. I was enjoying very much working with the older generation, or in rehabilitation centers. And even in this field, I made sure music and movement were part of the daily healing practice. Again I found myself lucky enough to been given the opportunity to take initiative and to apply this into the system I worked in. What pleased me the most was the knowledge and the connection between healing and movement, or illness and disability to move, the connection of pain, and the expression of emotion through motion, this all lead to more development of my purpose, not only the purpose of helping others, but the combination of healing and movement

One given day i was blessed with the birth of my first born, and I was tangled up between the different shifts, impossible workload and being a single mother, so Again I decided to make a shift in career, and I started to become a Trainer and Coach for people who had to leave their career for any reason longer then one year. In the year of absence or after a long period of being unable to work my mission was to guide them to re-discover their purpose in life, and help them reconnect again to society but most of all to help them reconnect again to their true essence, and help them back on that track of choice and possibilities.

I have been given many opportunities to develop myself in many ways, artistically, creatively, and in a diversity of business directions. From Nursing to Coaching, To Marketing, Management, and finally a total burn out hit me, actually me and everybody was thinking that this was one of those post natal depressions ( i had given birth to my second child) and I was not in the best relationship, not with my partner nor myself, so i found myself with a leave of absence for more then a year, that was a turning point, I was forced to turn inwards and ask myself a lot of questions and one of them was:

who am I really? what do I need to feel happy, and what do I need to let go. I made a 180 degree turn.

must I admit that this decision was not the easiest one, and i needed to overcome a lot of internal wars and external judgments. I left my partner, did not know what I wanted to do, but instinctively I was following my calling. It took YEARS, and a lot of choices, mistakes, hardships, fun, disappointments, set backs and lift offs to finally connect all the dots. My journey was and still is a healing journey, I have had some mentors, coaches, teachers, masters, passengers, amazing friends, lessons, courses and miracles to get where I am today, living the life I truly love and doing the things I want to do and that makes me happy.

I have studied many disciplines on healing therapies, like:

  • reikijuilliarddiploma2
  • kofutu healing
  •   massage techniques
  • certified life coach,
  • certified nurse and
  • dance therapist.
  • color therapist



Liberationdance is my personal developed dance form, this I have been practicing since 1987

the idea of liberationdance came when I was about 19 years old and i was a student nurse, on one of my apprentice periods i was assigned to keep busy a group of people between 25 and 80, and all i knew truly how to do is dance.

Fully aware of not only the diversity of people but as well their personal difficulties to be able to dance, i had to come up with something that could move this whole group as one and in a safe enough container that beyond feeling each individual experienced the freedom of movement. There and then in that moment I had my first meaningful moment of living my purpose. The most amazing experience is being of souls unfolding freely especially when they have lost confidence in their body, mind or even Spirit.

by accident I discovered Chakradance.

this for me was a coming home festival! I could blend all my knowhow in one more module and I could help others without the difficult disciplinary steps to learn, how to move free and heal their soul.

As the first facilitator of chakradance  in Spain, I am happy to introduce you to a free form dancing that instantly can help you restore your blocked emotions, and combined with other healing and coaching modalities, I can help you jump start the life that you are truly meant to be living.

next to chakradance I am also a teacher trainer for

                                              A woman on Purpose Life and Business coaching.


are you ready to embrace your Higher Self and become emotional financial and mentally free to live the life of your dreams?

Take a look around and discover what Movement art and Self Mastery  can do for you and your loved ones,

but most of all, dance your own dance, and after reading If you have any questions or want to contact me please fill in the form