What I do

As a teacher trainer for A Woman On Purpose I help women to reconnect and tap into their true power, and create the life they have always been dreaming of. In these workshops / trainings/ retreats challenges you will be invited to dive into your powers and fully expand to how you can Imagine your life would be best for you.


As one of the first licensees on the A Woman on Purpose Teacher Training, I am very honoured to be able to share this with women who want to change their lives.

After a very difficult period in my life and a life threatening warning of my burned out body. I decided to let go of corporate work move to Spain and i truly wanted to share my authentic personal gift to the world and especially work with women.

I came in contact with Alexandra Gold and right away I had a sense of coming home. this program is a true compass, and will help you establish your dreams and goals.

Alexandra and the A Woman On Purpose Teacher Training was truly my missing link to the having it in mind and actually go do what you are good at. The whole course is not just an eye opener. But it is a deep and very structured method to truly discover your authentic self and talent and make it work for you.

The outline of the whole program is such a joy to work with it truly has and still is transforming my life and world into a better place.

AWOP has made me cut off the rough edges and truly be able to see my purpose in life. With the teacher program I am not only helping myself and my business, as a teacher/trainer i am now able to reach out to many woman and help them the same way as Alexandra and the AWOP has changed my life.

I have gained Clarity. I have been boosting my willpower I have reached a higher self esteem, I have been given support and tools. And I have even made many new friends who all in their unique way lift my spirit.

Next to A woman on purpose I also work with a new dance modality called Chakradance ™.

I organise together with some great business and awareness coaches Empowerment and Liberation retreats  in Spain.

The healing holidays for women who want to truly step in their true authentic power and reclaim their life.

A woman on Purpose Mastery Retreats (with Alexandra Gold founder of A Woman on Purpose)