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she Moves On and Inwards

The letting go

Here I am sitting in the middle of my organized chaos, what once was a beautiful place has been totally destroyed by the heavy rains of past November in Southern Spain, The owners of the home i have been renting have to perform such a big of reformation and reconstruction, that it is impossible to stay here,

that means she MOVES again, my love has found us a beautiful place totally different from this cottage, but I think it is the perfect time to leave the healing garden and make place for a home where creation and action are more the energies that flows, I feel myself in a transit from a beautiful Base chakra home < a cottage with garden> to a sacral chakra home, this house is perfect for what we both have for plans the next year. there is space for a practice room, a music studio, movement / dancing room , there is water, nature ( a gigant lake with Flamingo’s)

I will be holding retreats this year, workshops, reiki courses, online courses and of course not to forget i will be starting chakradance and liberationdance again.

I will be working on a new webshop with a lot of Self love and gifts

In september I will be revealing a new concept on business and personal development

stay Tuned, I will be back around Spring…..


Monica Moves, new opportunities

For the first time in all my moving and movements, for a while I had the feeling of being totally stuck. Going through a big disaster caused by nature is not always without some big changes. One of them is i have to leave my gorgeous home, because it is been declared uninhabitable. Not such a big problem normally to relocate, not for me, but this time was completely unexpected and unwanted.
and the main problem i am not the only one affected so many people more are looking for the same kind of house/price/area

with lack of time, we had to make a different choice, to move away from the Costa, to find the quality of house we need but paying the price we can afford with minimum effort of work. not that we don’t want to work hard, but we have to start all over again in a new environment and that takes time, so we have a lower budget.

questions, questions, many yes… BUT….. pro and contra’s, doubts have been occupying our minds for months, but finally there is a breakthrough we have found a house in a small village north west of Malaga

to come to this decision I had to re-think my future plans, and well this town has no more then 2500 habitants, so my work as a chakradance facilitator will be not the most busy one, but there is more to do there, of that i am sure.

Maybe my house can become a small retreat place, or a bed and breakfast, Fred will be focusing on getting his music out there, there is even a stand alone rehearsal room for him
while i can focus on building my own studio in the garage, and find a way to organize mini retreats in #FuentedePiedra

Nature around my home is amazing, just a little walk to an enormous lake where thousands of Flamenco’s reside and come to breed, that shall give some amazing photographic art

I have no clue what to expect but for now i just go where life takes me, and I will be enjoying enfolding new opportunities.



Chakradance Full Moon Dancing prayer

All over the world when the Moon is full we find Women and Men practicing some kind of ritual.

Some silently sit and meditate, some have candle rituals, some paint, some chant, some make music,

I prefer to dance and combine my distance healing Reiki practice with Chakradance,

When I dance I feel so much more liberated to share energy, while in my mind i create great winds that takes my healing and loving vibes on a journey.

Every time I dance it’s a journey inwards and by first re- balancing my own chakra’s and Eneries, I deeply connect to all there is.

Nathalie Southgate has created an amazing powerful Dancing prayer, a guided meditation that takes you on a deeper journey to self and healing vibrations will be raised

enjoy this gift

For more information and products of chakradance please visit the official website



Healing Dance

11242661_1627804080786532_1149468546_nDance/Movement Therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of dance and movement processes to bring about healing and recovery for individuals of all ages and cultural groups.

One of the benefits of dancing is an increased sense of vitality—an awakening and renewal of one’s life energy. Studies have shown that dance interventions by trained professionals can decrease depression, improve mood, and strengthen positive feelings about one’s self. Dance/movement therapy (or DMT) harnesses the many elements of dance that have therapeutic potential. DMT does not emphasize dance technique and it is not about the artistic product (a performance). Rather, it is very much about improvisation, the mobilization and exchange of energy, and the creative, expressive process. DMT clients learn to move in ways that are authentic to how they are feeling and experiencing life, in the context of a supportive therapeutic relationship.

I am a dance/movement therapist and i focus on rhythms and phrases, and on the quality of the movement: space, weight, and time. I work with transforming fragmentation into connectedness, and giving the silenced a voice through the medium of dance. Dance forms and structures are modified for release of tension and for helping people become comfortable moving. While the dance/movement experience is the main focus of a DMT session, dance/movement therapists will also use verbalization and discussion in sessions, and sometimes DMT sessions can be noisy with music, rhythm instruments, foot stomping, hand-clapping, or laughter and all kinds of vocalizing.

Dance is movement, and movement is essentially a process of ongoing change. Moving with one’s whole body, with and against gravity, one learns to both yield and resist, to feel one’s strength and to feel one’s vulnerability, to try on new qualities of action and behavior. This is what it means to be fully human. DMT can improve body image. Paul Schilder, a developmental neuroscientist, once said that dance is a loosening up of the body schema. He was describing how when we dance, the movement activates a dynamic and constant feedback loop back and forth between our brains and our bodies, so that our experience of our felt and living selves is one of change.

It has been reported that children who have been traumatized can live on the alert, anxious and fearful. Dance-based methods for getting grounded, for sensing the body’s energy and position, and for developing breath support can help with learning to pay attention to one’s own needs, and for feeling more in control, and for regulating fearful or angry reactions.

As dancers know, dancing and moving rhythmically with other people creates a powerful sense of “with-ness.” This is a basic principle of DMT, as noted by dance therapy pioneer Marian Chace, and group cohesion is formed very quickly through what she called “shared rhythmic action.” Unlike most dance classes, group dance/movement therapy sessions will often start and end in a circle formation. In a circle, everyone can see everyone else; we connect visually with the people across the circle and kinesthetically with the people on either side. Everyone is of equal status: the circle encourages participation by everyone, and invites each person to contribute movement ideas.

In the group, each person remembered someone who they had lost and then embodied a gesture, posture, or movement pattern that they remembered that person doing. Everyone danced all of the “memorial” movement expressions, and we combined them into a group dance, then videoed and shared it with the whole community present that day. In this way, the memories were given shape, shared through the expression movement form, and the teens felt less alone with their feelings.

Children and teens who have experienced trauma can find strength, resilience, and the will to go on through facilitated dance/movement expression. At a psychiatric center in Delaware, in one DMT session I had with teens who had been sexually abused, the group members improvised their journey from “victim to survivor” moving along a linear pathway. They understood the metaphor, and how it is manifest in dance/movement language (like “getting stuck,” “falling and getting up again,” “standing firm,” “going around in circles,” etc.). One boy took a very short journey and then stopped after traveling only a few feet along. The others saw what he was saying without words: that he felt he had so far—too far—to go. I supported him while they gave him their observations: that in fact he had made a lot of progress and in their view had come much further. He tried taking the next few steps and then began to own the progress he had made, toward wholeness and his future.

For me personally Dance is one of my first healing therapies that had any succes in helping me overcome sexual trauma that i suffered on a very young age. Where the “secret” that had to be kept in the dark and in Silence, my body needed to express the confusion hurt and shock. I was extremely lucky that at a very young age my talent was discovered and i was selected for one of the best dance educational programs. I did not really have dance therapy sessions, but in class i was my own therapist and when i was about 15 years old I new my purpose, I wanted to share the wonderfull experience of mental and physical freedom and expression of emotions, more strongely I needed to teach this to as many traumatised people as possible.



chakradance and menopauze


How Menopause Affects Chakras


Seven energy centers, roughly corresponding to major endocrine glands
in the body, are called chakras by many Eastern philosophies. It’s believed
that menopause has a very distinct effect on the chakras:
1. The root chakra houses the kundalini, or life energy, at the base of
the spine. Kundaline rises naturally during puberty and again in
midlife for both men and women. Although women may have


more outward physical signs of menopause, men go through it
too. The renewal of vitality is available to both sexes.
2. If the kundalini is blocked at the second, or sexual chakra, people
in midlife experience compulsions to act out by having affairs and
buying expensive sports cars or motorcycles. Risktaking
is a
symptom of this time of life, and it can either be done
irresponsibly or with true liberation that preserves values.
3. The solar plexus, or third chakra, is one of heightened sensitivity.
Women who have believed that others’ needs were more
important than their own may finally give themselves permission to
practice good selfcare.
4. The heart center, or fourth chakra, is one of heightened creativity,
enhanced productivity along innovative channels, and deepening of
personal relationships. These will seem to be new possibilities under
the influence of midlife kundalini energy.
5. The fifth chakra, associated with verbal expression and the release
of tension through the neck and shoulders is opened to honesty with
oneself that may have been lacking due to social constraints. There
is the added benefit of having wisdom and some good judgment
forged through life’s experiences.
6. The sixth chakra is the third eye, or healing center. Creativity energy
focused here is more than a drive toward physical union. It is a drive
toward liberating lifestyles, a return to simpler concepts and new
definitions of prosperity. Doing things with love, such as reviving
neglected hobbies or travel, can enhance selfawareness.
responsibility from raising young families to mentoring young people
is one example of planetary healing available now.
7. Meditation raises the kundalini at any time of life. Relaxation
practices, including prayer, massage, yoga, and others, can help
channel transformative energy through the seventh chakra in
productive ways. Women who go through menopause, with or
without the assistance of herbal friends and lifestyle changes,
become the “wise ones” of culture. The ancient Greeks used the
word “hagia” to mean “holy one.” The modern meaning has been
distorted in the word “hag.” Another misunderstood term is “crones,”
or women in the third stage of life who were revered in ancient times.
They were healers, midwives, and considered extremely powerful.


Celebration Healing Dance Workshop


Chakradance Celebration – 3 hrs Workshop

Chakradance Celebrating Workshops

Designed for those who like dancing, but don’t want to commit to a long course, this is a casual, one-off, 3-hour workshop.

Celebrating 2 (Base to Crown):

This dance begins with an opening meditation, followed by a warm-up dance, and then moves into seven dances, starting at the base chakra and dancing up through each chakra to the crown. The workshop ends with mandala art and a closing meditation. The overall feel of this workshop is dynamic. It has a summer/spring feel to it and will be used to celebrate the year passed and the year ahead of us.

It is suitable for all ages, no dance experience or prior knowledge of the chakras are necessary.

Space is limited and bookings are essential.Please register your interest by clicking the button below.

Price 50 euro

For bookings contact Monica +34605179073 or