chakradance and menopauze


chakradance and menopauze


How Menopause Affects Chakras


Seven energy centers, roughly corresponding to major endocrine glands
in the body, are called chakras by many Eastern philosophies. It’s believed
that menopause has a very distinct effect on the chakras:
1. The root chakra houses the kundalini, or life energy, at the base of
the spine. Kundaline rises naturally during puberty and again in
midlife for both men and women. Although women may have


more outward physical signs of menopause, men go through it
too. The renewal of vitality is available to both sexes.
2. If the kundalini is blocked at the second, or sexual chakra, people
in midlife experience compulsions to act out by having affairs and
buying expensive sports cars or motorcycles. Risktaking
is a
symptom of this time of life, and it can either be done
irresponsibly or with true liberation that preserves values.
3. The solar plexus, or third chakra, is one of heightened sensitivity.
Women who have believed that others’ needs were more
important than their own may finally give themselves permission to
practice good selfcare.
4. The heart center, or fourth chakra, is one of heightened creativity,
enhanced productivity along innovative channels, and deepening of
personal relationships. These will seem to be new possibilities under
the influence of midlife kundalini energy.
5. The fifth chakra, associated with verbal expression and the release
of tension through the neck and shoulders is opened to honesty with
oneself that may have been lacking due to social constraints. There
is the added benefit of having wisdom and some good judgment
forged through life’s experiences.
6. The sixth chakra is the third eye, or healing center. Creativity energy
focused here is more than a drive toward physical union. It is a drive
toward liberating lifestyles, a return to simpler concepts and new
definitions of prosperity. Doing things with love, such as reviving
neglected hobbies or travel, can enhance selfawareness.
responsibility from raising young families to mentoring young people
is one example of planetary healing available now.
7. Meditation raises the kundalini at any time of life. Relaxation
practices, including prayer, massage, yoga, and others, can help
channel transformative energy through the seventh chakra in
productive ways. Women who go through menopause, with or
without the assistance of herbal friends and lifestyle changes,
become the “wise ones” of culture. The ancient Greeks used the
word “hagia” to mean “holy one.” The modern meaning has been
distorted in the word “hag.” Another misunderstood term is “crones,”
or women in the third stage of life who were revered in ancient times.
They were healers, midwives, and considered extremely powerful.

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