Free Movement Dance workshops

In the workshops there will be a lot of attention for emotion, energy in motion and each time you experience the freedom of movement and expression of emotion you will become more flexible, more free, and more released from internal blockages

this is not about how good you are as a dancer or that it all has to be perfect, you just dance and while you practice more you will become the dance, this dance is a therapeutic dance, and it will develop different strengths

  • body strength

  • balance emotional and physical

  • trust

  • relaxation

  • inner peace

  • flow

  • expression / truth

I have worked with all kind of people, and liberationdance has worked even with people with some kind of disability, disorder, trauma or age. In Liberation dance the main objective is to freely express with body through movement and sound, Liberation dance is a true dynamic GROUP setting and all dancers will connect with each other, there is a lot of inter active movement and sharing, Liberationdance is about Feeling, and expressing them, this is the dance of letting go.

when emotions are not expressed the pain that comes with that emotion will store itself in different body parts and can eventually cause pain, or even illness. also are character can determine whether we move free through life or not, shy people have a different movement body type, the tend show more rigidity then for example more flexible characters or out going types. Liberationdance is heart based, loving and nurturing for your body and soul.


chakradance is more specific and is designed to re-balance chakra energy and the group members move with their eyes closed, and is less interactive between the group members whilst dancing, the sharing of experiences will be dne after the creative mandala exercise. click here to read more

there is no right or wrong and anybody can move, all tho when classes are attended regularly by the same group of people for a period of time the classes become more dynamic because everyone grows into the dance and intertwine in the movement and flow, still you can join at any time given any level.



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