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Driven by this video and my years of dance , chakradance, and free movement I have created liberationdance because i have noticed and observed how many people forgot how to move freely,

and especially when we feel like we are being observed and watched. Even myself i notice sometimes that i am blocked to move freely and let my body express what needs to be expressed. Many times we think to much about how we look then about how we actually feel when we dance. In Liberationdance workshops, you also like in chakradance dance your own dance, this is not about learning complicated routines and remembering a set of dance steps, and then execute it to perfection. In Liberationdance workshops consciously you dance through the space, and guided by my voice you will make contact with other participants and in that dance you learn to trust, you learn to move in harmony with the possibilities of your body in that moment and in harmony with who you encounter on the floor.

you learn to get literally “in touch” and you learn to feel yourself into that space and connecting to your own rhythm and those of the significant other.

In this workshop there will be a lot of attention for emotion, energy in motion and each time you experience the freedom of movement and expression of emotion you will become more flexible, more free, and more released from internal blockages

this is not about how good you are as a dancer or that it all has to be perfect, you just dance and while you practice more you will become the dance, this dance is a therapeutic dance, and it will develop different strenghts

body strength

balance emotional and physical



inner peace


expression / truth

I have worked with all kind of people, and liberation dance has worked even with people with some kind of disability, disorder, trauma or age.

there is no right or wrong and anybody can move, all tho when classes are attended regularly by the same group of people for a period of time the classes become more dynamic because everyone grows into the dance and intertwine in the movement and flow, still you can join at any time given any level.

 the difference with chakradance is that in chakradance you dance with your eyes closed, and specifically we work with guided meditation  to re-balance your chakra’s while in Liberationdance we dance specific life theme’s and we dance with our eyes open. This form of dancing is more dynamic and interactive