she Moves On and Inwards


she Moves On and Inwards

The letting go

Here I am sitting in the middle of my organized chaos, what once was a beautiful place has been totally destroyed by the heavy rains of past November in Southern Spain, The owners of the home i have been renting have to perform such a big of reformation and reconstruction, that it is impossible to stay here,

that means she MOVES again, my love has found us a beautiful place totally different from this cottage, but I think it is the perfect time to leave the healing garden and make place for a home where creation and action are more the energies that flows, I feel myself in a transit from a beautiful Base chakra home < a cottage with garden> to a sacral chakra home, this house is perfect for what we both have for plans the next year. there is space for a practice room, a music studio, movement / dancing room , there is water, nature ( a gigant lake with Flamingo’s)

I will be holding retreats this year, workshops, reiki courses, online courses and of course not to forget i will be starting chakradance and liberationdance again.

I will be working on a new webshop with a lot of Self love and gifts

In september I will be revealing a new concept on business and personal development

stay Tuned, I will be back around Spring…..

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