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Monica Moves, new opportunities

For the first time in all my moving and movements, for a while I had the feeling of being totally stuck. Going through a big disaster caused by nature is not always without some big changes. One of them is i have to leave my gorgeous home, because it is been declared uninhabitable. Not such a big problem normally to relocate, not for me, but this time was completely unexpected and unwanted.
and the main problem i am not the only one affected so many people more are looking for the same kind of house/price/area

with lack of time, we had to make a different choice, to move away from the Costa, to find the quality of house we need but paying the price we can afford with minimum effort of work. not that we don’t want to work hard, but we have to start all over again in a new environment and that takes time, so we have a lower budget.

questions, questions, many yes… BUT….. pro and contra’s, doubts have been occupying our minds for months, but finally there is a breakthrough we have found a house in a small village north west of Malaga

to come to this decision I had to re-think my future plans, and well this town has no more then 2500 habitants, so my work as a chakradance facilitator will be not the most busy one, but there is more to do there, of that i am sure.

Maybe my house can become a small retreat place, or a bed and breakfast, Fred will be focusing on getting his music out there, there is even a stand alone rehearsal room for him
while i can focus on building my own studio in the garage, and find a way to organize mini retreats in #FuentedePiedra

Nature around my home is amazing, just a little walk to an enormous lake where thousands of Flamenco’s reside and come to breed, that shall give some amazing photographic art

I have no clue what to expect but for now i just go where life takes me, and I will be enjoying enfolding new opportunities.



Chakradance Full Moon Dancing prayer

All over the world when the Moon is full we find Women and Men practicing some kind of ritual.

Some silently sit and meditate, some have candle rituals, some paint, some chant, some make music,

I prefer to dance and combine my distance healing Reiki practice with Chakradance,

When I dance I feel so much more liberated to share energy, while in my mind i create great winds that takes my healing and loving vibes on a journey.

Every time I dance it’s a journey inwards and by first re- balancing my own chakra’s and Eneries, I deeply connect to all there is.

Nathalie Southgate has created an amazing powerful Dancing prayer, a guided meditation that takes you on a deeper journey to self and healing vibrations will be raised

enjoy this gift

For more information and products of chakradance please visit the official website



Celebration Healing Dance Workshop


Chakradance Celebration – 3 hrs Workshop

Chakradance Celebrating Workshops

Designed for those who like dancing, but don’t want to commit to a long course, this is a casual, one-off, 3-hour workshop.

Celebrating 2 (Base to Crown):

This dance begins with an opening meditation, followed by a warm-up dance, and then moves into seven dances, starting at the base chakra and dancing up through each chakra to the crown. The workshop ends with mandala art and a closing meditation. The overall feel of this workshop is dynamic. It has a summer/spring feel to it and will be used to celebrate the year passed and the year ahead of us.

It is suitable for all ages, no dance experience or prior knowledge of the chakras are necessary.

Space is limited and bookings are essential.Please register your interest by clicking the button below.

Price 50 euro

For bookings contact Monica +34605179073 or monica@monica-moves.com